Mónica has a long career as a movie actress in Mujeres a flor de piel”; “Oh Love”; “Die, my dear”; “Two tickets”; “7 steps and a half”… and also in television, where she has taken part in numerous programs and series, both in Madrid and in Barcelona.

Some of her outstanding works have been in Jacinto Durante, agent”; “A pacifier for her”; “Essence of Power”; “Obsession”; “Slaps with life”;

In the series Hotel Royal Manzanares”, together with Lina Morgan, she reached a high popularity between the public. Also, she has been a leading presenter of programs both at the local Catalan television and in the national television shows such as Summer nights”; “The Cambiazo”; “Summer madnesses”; “Let’s go shopping”

She devoted most of her career in the theatre, realizing the tour “I hate Hamlet”, directed by Denis Rafter, or “Lauren’s call”, directed by Aitana Galan, where she builds her character from tenderness, with strength and emotion.

After spending a few years away from her profession, she becomes harder presenting a late-night game in Antena 3TV “And it’s my turn to win”.

Even get to participate in a contest and reality.

In 2014, she joined at the digital newspaper Neupic with a weekly column of LifeStyle. There she discovered her new role as a writer and currently has her own blog for the magazine Love where through their own experiences talks about fashion, beauty, travel, food, culture, etc…

In 2016, she retakes the acting playing a role in the “Medical center” series in TVE.

At the end of that year, she presented her first novel “You are not alone” with the Planet publishing house getting her first success as a writer.

In mid-2019, she expands borders and moves to Mexico City where she collaborates in a role for the movie “Cut them” directed by María Ripoll for Sony Pictures Mexico.

At the beginning of 2020, Mónica will film in Argentina, Uruguay and Brasil, under the orders of the Venezuelan director and writer Rafael Cabello-Wagner the movie “Sunflower seed” based on the successful novel by the same writer with a leading role.